Are you looking to purchase a new property or vacant land? Are you wanting to invest in an apartment complex? Let Absolute Conveyancing Solutions Melbourne take care of all your conveyancing arrangements.

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We have been in the industry for many years so we understand all aspects of a quick turn around and attention to detail.

Not only are we experts in residential properties and vacant land, here at Absolute Conveyancing Solutions Melbourne, we also specialise in industrial and commercial properties.

We can also assist with strata titles, subdivisions, transfer of equity and also the refinance and discharge of mortgages.

Having been in the industry for many years, we understand all aspects of a quick turn around and the importance of attention to detail.

At a time of new, exciting beginnings, don’t let complex legalities land you in hot water! Let us handle it all for you and rest assured that our expertise will ensure a smooth and efficient process, so you have more time to focus on your new venture.

Please contact us Absolute Conveyancing Solutions, Niddrie online or call 03 9379 9655 for more information on how our experienced conveyancer team can help you today.



Absolute Conveyancing Solutions – Conveyancer Melbourne Conveyancing Melbourne specialises in:

Residential Properties – houses & vacant land:
The transfer of residential property or vacant land from one party to another – whether you are buying or selling.

– Commercial Properties & Industrial Properties
Buying or leasing for business purposes. Knowledge of outstanding charges. The calculation of rates and taxes payable by you.

– Strata Title
Ownership of property devised between a shared unit such as multilevel apartment blocks and horizontal subdivisions. conveyancing melbourne.

– Subdivision
Liaising with surveyors, financial institutions, councils and government departments for the subdivision of land.

– Transfer of Equity
Adding or removing parties from the title of the property.

– Refinance and Discharge of Mortgages
The preparation of appropriate documentation for loan and once repaid, the preparation of discharge documents.


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